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After being a deviantArt user for eleven years, finally I have my own website. Most of my artwork has been moved here, and I added my original work gallery as well. Please enjoy my online gallery without annoying ad and censors!


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Please feel free to share the link to this website. Because the address of subpages may change without notice, I recommend linking to the homepage. You can download the link button image below in PNG or animated GIF format. Please link and handle the image at your own risk.


Website Heart del Sol
Admin. LadySolMina
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Art Gallery 作品ギャラリー

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This site can be viewed on smartphones and mobile devices. However, it will be easier to view on a wider screen like computer or tablet. You can change the text size from the display setting of your internet browser or app.
Watermark ウォーターマーク
To prevent art theft and unauthorized use by third parties, the images on this website are shrunk and may have a watermark. Modification or alteration of my images are prohibited unless otherwise I clearly noted.
Heart Button ハートボタン
Each gallery page or artwork has this "like" button. It's simply a click counter to leave your encouragement. The script uses Cookie to prevent double counting in a short term, but the referenced information will not be used for any other purpose. You can click the button as many times as you like after a certain period of time. The script template is borrowed from this website (Japanese).
当サイトの作品ページに設置しているハートボタンは、「いいね」や「拍手」を残せるクリックカウンターです。二重カウントを防止するためにクッキーを使用しますが、参照した情報をボタン以外の用途に使用することはありません。一定期間を置けば何度でも押せます。こちらのスクリプトをお借りしています: Ajaxいいねボタン
Update Info 更新情報
Major updates are displayed on the homepage. Please check Guestbook for my latest announcements. Also the last modified date is shown at the bottom of each page.
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Year-Month-Date (年.月.日)

Guestbook 陽だまり掲示板

Guestbook is a mini forum to leave your message to the administrator LadySolMina, and a bulletin board to post my latest announcements. Please read the Guestbook Rules page for details.


Hidden Pages 隠しページ

This website has three secret pages. Each page requires a passcode hidden somewhere on this site. The URLs to these pages change occasionally so bookmarks will be invalid. Sharing the link to the hidden pages and reposting it's contents are not allowed. You can enter the code HERE.


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Contact 連絡先

Please note that I may not be able to respond quickly due to limited internet access in my region.


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An easy way to leave me a message.
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For security purposes I will share my address only when necessary.

Policy & Terms 方針と規定

Copyright of Artwork 作品の著作権
The copyright of my works (as any form or medium including graphic art, photograph, video, three-dimensional work, literature, etc.) on this website belongs to the administrator of this website. For using and sharing rules of my artworks, please refer next section below and each gallery page: [About FanArts] [About Original Works]
当サイトで展示している作品(画像、写真、動画、立体作品、文章など形式や媒体を問わず)の著作権は当サイトの管理人に帰属します。作品の利用や共有についての詳細は、次項と各ギャラリーページに記載しています:[二次創作物について] [オリジナル創作物について]
Terms of Use of Artworks 作品の利用規約
Sunlight Promise
I would like to share my fan-arts with anyone for free. This is my way to show respect for the original artists, and the fan-artists who share their fan-arts for free. I do not sell and buy fan-art stuff like drawing, doujin(shi), and goods. The Sun never ask you to pay for the sunlight, right?
[Heart del Sol] Website
Est. 開設: 2023.3.20
Copyright: © 2023-2024 Heart del Sol. All rights reserved.

Memory おもいで

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