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Hidamari (sunny spot) Guestbook is a little forum embedded in this website. It's open to the guests to post their message freely, as long as follow the rules below. Please leave your greetings, comment for my artworks, suggestion, request, bug-report, or any message you would like to share with LadySolMina. I also use this forum to post my announcements.


Contents もくじ

Terms of Use 利用規約

[English] 2024.3.19 Update

[日本語] 2024.3.19 更新

Posting 使い方

Color 名前の色
■default ■red ■pink ■purple ■blue ■green ■gold ■orange ■gray
Choose the text color of your name.
Name 名前
Required. A handle please.
For 件名
Subject or title of artwork you'd like to comment. You can leave this blank.
Comment コメント
Required. HTML tags are disabled. Posting URL (web address starts with 'http') may cause an error.
Mail メール
If you need to leave a contact info, enter your email address here. Do not enter a private email address as it will be made public. Otherwise leave this blank.
URL リンク
If you want to share your website, social account, or image, enter the address here. Otherwise leave this blank.
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Choose an icon to display over your message. Use this as reaction or the marker of your post. Otherwise leave this "None". You can't use the administrator's icon.
Cookie クッキー
If Cookie is enable on your internet browser/app and this check is on, it remembers some of entered info (like name color and icon) for the next posting.
Pass パス
For administrator use only. Please ignore.
Posts 投稿記事
= Link リンク
= Email メール
[Reply] = Reply to the parent/child post 親スレッドまたはレスに返信
*Please reply, visit external sites, and contact the user at your own risk.
Display Time 表示時間
UTC-8 (UTC-7 in summer)

Credit クレジット

Software ソフトウェア
The program of this forum system is borrowed from this website (Japanese).
こちらのスクリプトをお借りしています: [bbs php ver.4.2]
Emoji 絵文字
The icon images borrowed from an open source emoji Twemoji (on GitHud, the original website was shut down during Twitter to X transition).

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Say hi to LadySolMina. I'm not good at English but I'll do my best to reply!


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