TF Cosplay Photos: G1 Soundwave

#A Soundwave 2015
Date 2015.03.28

Because we couldn't take much pictures of this new Soundwave cosplay at the BotCon (where was Reflector?), we held this little photo shooting session. This Sowndwave costume can change the cassette design inside the chest. The first pictures below are with Rumble (we call him Frenzy though).


Note Model: Sirometa / Photo: me
#B Soundwave 2015
#C Soundwave 2015
#D Soundwave 2015
#E Soundwave 2015
#F Soundwave 2015
#G Soundwave 2015
#H Soundwave 2015

The last three pictures has Lazerbeak inside. By the way, all of our Transformers costumes were made by Sirometa and I together. Usually the bulky parts made by her, and I made the soft parts and painting.

So far we have not made any Transformers cosplay after this one. Sirometa says she wants to make another Sowndwave costume from TFP if she would make a new cosplay.


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