Fall into Heaven: New Culiacan

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堕ちる→[魔都]新市街 (3-1/2) 堕ちる→[魔都]新市街 (3-2/2)
Fall into Heaven:NC (3-1/2) Fall into Heaven:NC (3-2/2)

こってり秋だけど水着でお送りする第三話。主線は夏に完成していたものの二十周年動画とボクトーバーもあり彩色(?)が遅れていた二ページを仕上げました。幸いギジタイのおかげで季節感は薄そうな新市街。某ハンターのせいで天候がころころ変わって迷惑してそう。新市街に出かける時のお勧めは氷雪気候…理由は雪の舞う都会の景色が綺麗だからw デジタル作画にはフォトショを使用していまして、漫画のトーンっぽい塗りや効果を目指して試行錯誤してます。ちなみにアートでは自給自足をモットーにしておりますのでフォント以外のDL素材は無使用です。


Maybe it's too late in the season of swimsuits but they may not have distinct seasons due to paraSOL. My recommendation climate to visit New Culiacan is Frigid Arctic, because the city is so beautiful when it snows lol I finished the line drawing in summer but had no time to color until fall. I'm using Photoshop to digital drawing and having fun to figure out how to color my manga like using screentones (even I never had the real sheet). I'm trying not to rely on download materials so I make all the images myself except fonts.

Many thanks to @Hulavuta for English translation help.



I wanted to see that toast panel in color so I made this menu-ish image. Also I'll share the design sketch of the swimsuits. This is the first time you see them in color!

Drinks in Color
Swimsuit Designs

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