Fall into Heaven: New Culiacan

Info 2023.07.28 (2 Pages, JP & EN)
堕ちる➞[魔都]新市街 (2-1/2) 堕ちる➞[魔都]新市街 (2-2/2)
Fall into Heaven:NC (2-1/2) Fall into Heaven:NC (2-2/2)



Here's the second episode with my original characters, which I'm not sure if anyone was waiting for this. I drew this for a sort of my manga layout study so it's not very organized, though I want to put much information as possible. The Poes were designed with Gemini as a motif, but we do not know if they are twins or not. It was difficult to imitate that old shoujo manga style, especially all those roses!🌹

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