Transformers Cosplay Photos @AX12

#A AX12
Event Anime Expo 2012

Second AX we attended in the Transformers outfit. My Megatron costume has been repainted to fix the coloring errors, and I was wearing a worn-out cloth and chains like Megatron from the second live-action film.


Model Megatron: Me / Starscream: Sirometa
Note Thank you for the several people who took our pictures with my camera. Each model has the all rights of one's cosplay.
#B AX12
#C AX12
#D AX12

At the south lobby.


#E AX12
#F AX12
#G AX12
#H AX12

We met Shockwave at the passage way. Then Optimus shoewd up and the battle began! The last picture was like "Can you hold this for a sec?" "Sure... what!?" kind of victory 🤣

Actually we also met Deckerd from The Brave Police J-Decker at here, but unfortunately we did Azuki and Kurumi Tomonaga cosplay a day before...

通路でレーザーウェーブと遭遇。そのうちにオプティマスも現れて戦闘に。  最後の写真は「ちょっと持っててくれる?」「いいけど・・・え?w」という謎の勝利。

実はこの時、勇者警察のデッカードさんにも遭遇したのですが、自分たちがあずき&くるみコスプレで参加したのは前日だったという・・・残念 😭

Link This Shockwave has a dA account but she seems inactive now.
I AX12
J AX12
K AX12

Another human Megatron and Shockwave at the TF panel, and the cool live-action bots we met from the previous year. AX invited Steve Blum, a great voice actor who worked for anime dubs and voiced TFP Starscream, as a guest this year, so I believe many TF fans were visit there too. And of course I got his autograph!



We attended AX for three days in a low for the first time. We could see the people we met before, and I was so happy to see the Transformers cosplay people more than the previous year. I guess we wouldn't recognize each other if we met on the street or somewhere around without the costume... more than meets the eye, right? 😉


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