Transformers Cosplay Photos @AX11

A AX11
Event Anime Expo 2011

We were trying to make those costumes for the previous year's AX but couldn't finish in time. So this became our first attend of AX in the G1 Transformers outfit. Sirometa and I made those costumes together.

You may think it's a cartoon not an anime, though the series involves both Japan and the US, and I'm sure the later series are anime, so we didn't mind and just enjoyed 😉


Model Megatron: Me / Starscream: Sirometa
Note Excuse me for the Decepticon insignia stickers on my face, Starscream did it! Many thanks to the several people who took our pictures with my camera. Each model has the all rights of one's cosplay.
B AX11
C AX11
D AX11
E AX11

Some of other TF cosplay people we met. Those Bayformers costume were so cool and awesome!


F AX11
G AX11
H AX11
I AX11

Sunset hour shooting time. I have no idea how it happened, but I lost my gloves on the last day as you see. Some people asked me if I make the helmet for Megatron outfit. The answer is yes, but it was too small and won't fit when I put up my hair.

I could put on or take off the fusion cannon from my arm. Do you see the coloring errors? No reference image from the cartoon has the right colors 😂




We attended AX two days this year. It was the first time to do cosplay of a famous character and we were surprised how many people liked our costumes. I felt little tired to move around wearing that heavy fusion canon, on robot feet, with bulky Starscream, although we took a lot of pictures and had a fun time.

この年は二日間の参加でした。人通りが多く階段も多いので、かさばるスタスクを連れたのロボ足での行動は大変でした。カノン砲で壁に穴を開けて通りたい気持ちがちょっと分かった気がしますw 知名度のあるキャラクターのコスプレをするのは初めてでしたが、声をかけられる頻度が倍増して驚きました。TF仲間と知り合ったり、一緒に写真を撮ったりできて楽しかったです。

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