Request Drawings [Part 2]

Info TFP and TFA fanarts drew for my Request Mixer 2015 challenge at dA.
Soundwave + Nap time with Plush
Soundwave Nap Time GIF

[TFP] Soundwave + Nap time with Plush

Info 2015.10.27
Detail It has a little GIF too. Who took that video?

Bumblebee + Gardening

[TFP] Bumblebee + Gardening

Info 2017.06.14
Detail Pencil on paper then color with Photoshop. Bumblebee with a little one 🐝🌼🌷

Arcee + Rescue

[TFA] Arcee + Rescue

Info 2016.08.22
Detail Go teacher go!
Wasp + Cool (Art) Wasp + Cool (Photo)

[TFA] Wasp + Cool

Info 2015.11.20

I tried to draw Wasp in cool classic style and made this fake comic book. Another character is Triton, from TF Classics UK comic story called "Peace", and he is a real Decepticon spy. I hope someone make the inside pages as well!

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