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Multiple or other FanArts that are not Boktai/TF related. 複数ジャンルとTF・ボクタイ関連以外の絵の詰め合わせ。

Request Mixer 2015
Title Request Mixer 2015 キャラ×お題ミキサー
Info 2018.06.07

Those arts are drawn for my "Request Mixer" challenge on dA. I got sixteen sets of character and subject requests and randomly mixed them. The list below is the combinations I got.


  1. [TF G1] Wheeljack + Maid Outfit
  2. [TF G1] Elita One + Science
  3. [Brave Police] DrillBoy + Wanted Poster
  4. [TF MTMTE] Overlord + English style Tea
  5. [TFP] Soundwave + Nap time with Plush
  6. [TFA] Wasp + Cool!
  7. (Not shared due to NSFW-ish content)
  8. [TF G1] Optimus Prime + Glasses
  9. [G1] Ultra Magnus + Baby
  10. [TF MTMTE] Swerve + Killing Time
  11. [TFA] Arcee + Rescue
  12. [Brave Police] Regina + Working
  13. [TF G1] Skyfire + Soccer
  14. [TFP] Bumblebee + Gardening
  15. [Boktai/LK] Dumas + Pantie
  16. [Kirby] Metaknight + Sleeping

Title #SixFanarts
Info 2020.06.18

Characters chosen by requests. I only know three (four?) of them! This Trinity is older than the original.

Regina + Working
Title [Request] Regina + Working
Info 2016.08.22

Regina from The Brave Police J-Decker. She was the only human character requested for my "Request Mixer 2015" challenge.


DrillBoy + Wanted Poster
Title [Request] BP DrillBoy + Wanted Poster
Info 2015.09.01

Another requested character from The Brave Police J-Decker. He stole Yuta's purin!🍮


Metaknight + Sleeping
Title [Request] Metaknight + Sleeping
Info 2018.07.06

Metaknight and Kirby. I drew them with Illustrator then finish with Photoshop. I think this is my first drawing without contour line.


Best gift, oh yes!
Title Best gift, oh yes!
Info 2016.09.30

Death's Head: Call a divorce lawyer, not the freelance peacekeeping agent, okay?

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