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はきだめ Mumblr

猫の日…? 猫でも犬でもなくてモル派なんだけど。とりあえず髪型のせいで猫耳から拒否されるジャンゴ達がこちらです。チェンジ・キャット魔法あればいいのに。

What, it's a neko day? Didn't I say I like guinea pigs better? Anyway here are Djangos who are not supported by nekomimi because of the hair style. Why there was no change cat magic? 2024.2.22 Pic010


Hello again today. My knuckle seems to be pain from tendonitis, and from what I've found the common cause is computer or smartphone use. Probably my pen-tablet buttons or wheel...? It's getting better and I'm glad it's not caused by too much middle finger rising lol 2024.2.22


I felt like something's missing from manga Otenko in the anniv video. It's teeth! 2024.2.21


I have no idea how but I hurt the knuckle tendon of my left middle finger yesterday. I never gave my middle finger to anyone tho...🤔 2024.2.21


I'm working on art while mumbling here. The visitor counter of this website is increasing faster than I expected. Maybe I have to assign kiriban in smaller increments. Also it's weird that I don't see any spam post on Guestbook recently. Are access restrictions working properly or did they think this forum was worthless...? 2024.2.21


I'm working on drawings for the anniv video. I'd like to share my fan art/fiction of Kikuchi's Demon City series too but I don't know what to do since it's an adult novel... By the way, next Fall to the Heaven episode is about shopping mall and fashion. I can come up with many story ideas but my working speed is really slow. How bad!  2024.2.20


Usually I take three hours to read each VHD book but I was sleepy and took me two nights. This story did not have much regular vampires and the dead undead is weird being. Well Valentine's over so I'll be back to making the anniv video. 2024.2.16


I made it. I baked coffee brownie today, and how nice that I just got VHD's new book (vol.42) too! I'm going to read it tonight... sweet♡ 2024.2.14


Because I said I'll draw Valentine's art on my X account. Can I make this in time...? 2024.2.12 Pic009


After I did the drawing below, I realized that what I've done is just the same as what Larry did...😅 2024.2.8


Daww. Miles had to lend Sebastian the tissue on his lapel. 2024.2.5 Pic008

逆検イチ推しの子。バソザイにひとつだけ良かったことがあるとしたら息子をこんなに素敵なアホの子に育ててくれたことかなw 最終章で(68)が一晩でやってくれたというあの現場は信じ難いけど。

I just learned the Investigations 2 is not released in EN and its character names are unofficial. Even so the only good thing about Blaise is that he made his son such a cute idiot! 2024.2.5 Pic007


AA5/6 and Investigations games I played recently reminds me of a friend from school who was a big fan of this series. To be honest, I felt so nostalgic that almost cried when the certain character throws his xxx lol I haven't seen my friend since she went to Japan over ten years ago though I'm hoping she's doing well. 2024.2.2

しばらく家のことで忙しくていつの間にか二月に。久しぶりにERに入った…今回は付添いとして。スキマ時間で逆検1に続いて2までなんとかクリア。イトノココッチの給料を減らすゲームかと思って始めたけどそうでもなかったッス。最初は嫌いだったけど涙もろい息子わりと可愛かった。一番良かったのはその息子が縛られてたところカルマのおっさんの登場シーンかなw なんというかファザコンの祭典だった。

I was busy for a while with some family stuff and it's February already. I finished the Investigations 2 today. I hate Sebastian first but somehow I really like him now. The best scene was when Karma dad appears. 2024.2.2

過去ログ Archive


I finished the Investigations. It was difficult than I thought. I got the second cartridge when I give back the first one... 2024.1.28

SWD次にどのエピソードを仕上げるか迷ってる。わりと書き終わってる話があるけどクリスマスの話だし。 ところで今朝起きたら机の上に逆転検事のソフトが置いてあった。遊べと…?

I found the AA Investigations cartridge on my desk this morning. Should I play it...? 2024.1.25


I updated the Website Info. Now you can donate to help me to pay for the server hosting and domain. I do this because I hate web ads and paid contents. Please and thank you for your understanding 🙏 2024.1.24


I posted Nahyutosk on my X account. I have no objection if someone draw Dainn in Blackquill outfit. 2024.1.23


Another favorite character from AA5 (I won't give any spoiler warning here unless new releases). I knew the 456 bundle will be released this week just after I finished 6 a few days ago... hmm I want to play the DLC stories. 2024.1.22 Pic006


[Any ideas?] I noticed that I have the same hairstyle as him every night. My braids are on the left side though, it was new to me because mine is just for bedtime. But I don't have the courage to go out with this hairstyle... 2024.1.22

\ナユタン/ 時間があったら塗る。ずっとミッちゃん派だったけどついに乗り換えた。最後に人間キャラ好きになったのいつだっただろう(遠い目)。

I'll color this if I have time. I liked Edgeworth for years since I first played AA in GBA, but finally I found a character I like even more. I don't remember when was the last time I liked a human character. 2024.1.22 Pic005


So here he is, Nahyutosk. 2024.1.21 Pic004


By the way it's no longer able to get DLC for it now... 2024.1.18

終わった!明け方まで頑張ってエンディングまで辿り着いた。深夜にノッペラボウは怖すぎたけど面白かった;w; 龍とか龍の話だったね辰年だね~って書こうと思ったけど英語版だとこの辺りどうなってるんだ…?ふわふわ検事白いラタトスクかと思ったら立場的にはサバタっぽかった。

I finished AA6 last night. It was really good stories! Though the faceless face was so scary to see at midnight ;w; I wrote there's white Ratatosk but actually he's more like Sabata. 2024.1.18


When I told "there's purple Ratatosk in Minish Cap" those who played Boktai knows what I mean. Would be the same if I told them there's white one in AA6...? I rather like these types of characters. 2024.1.16


I said I'm on vacation but I had to trim some trees yesterday. I have a Solar Tree on my yard and glowing green and red apples. I'm looking for a gold apple tree now... well I'm kidding. I could play the game today. The bunnies are cute even if they fly. 2024.1.6


Finally I'm on vacation so decided to play Ace Attorney 6 (Spirit of Justice). I played 5 just a year ago... I don't remember anything except Robin was so cute. 2024.1.14


I made a backup of my PC data and physically cleaned it out with air compressor. Every year I opened the PC body there's a snowscape inside. This time I found a web with no spider too. How did it know I needed a web for my site? 2024.1.12


I thought it was the Count who sucked Sabata's blood, but according to the Hijioka's comment both never won the battle and Sabata lost to Dainn. It can be considered that Dainn sucked Sabata's blood, but we don't know that triggered Sabata's undeadning or not. 2024.1.8


Ahh VHD's 42nd novel will be released in February!! I'm not sure when I can read it since I'm in the real Frontier Sector though. With the manga Count's new truth and D's new book I'm sure this year's going to be a great one♡ 2024.1.8


I got reply from Hijioka how nice. I want to take time to think more about the manga story but my todo list for this new year season isn't completed ;w; 2024.1.8

伯爵はアルニカと面識がなかったっぽいから城にいたというのはどうだろう。いたけど知らなかったってことは…まあ伯爵に限ってはあり得るかw アルニカと枯れおてんこを城から救出したのがサバタだったとすると、ジャンゴが助けに行くまで何年くらい眠ってたんだろう。成長が止まって双子になっちゃって…とか。とりあえず眠り姫な兄は自分の中では完全にヒロインポジだった。で、ヒロインからの敵っていうお馴染みのシナリオ。

Considering Hijioka's comment. It seems Count never know Arnica, so isn't it difficult to think she was trapped in Count's castle with dried Otenko...? 2024.1.7


Hey Hijioka posted new Sabata drawing on his X account. We able to see Solar Boy Sabata only in the manga! 2024.1.7


Here's the dragon I drawn on the new year's card for my grandparents. It was my first try to draw this fantastic creature! 2024.1.7 Pic003


Finally my forum is started getting spam posts. It's so annoying even I don't get the messages often. 2024.1.5

あれ…できたっぽい? 英語で検索かけたらもっと簡単に使えるスクリプトでてきた…;w;

It seems I made it! I googled it in English this time and soon I found the useful code. 2024.1.4


I said I'll take break but I'm working for my website. I made the passcode enter form to visit a hidden page but I don't know how to active keyboard enter key to submit the number. I've never learned javaScript... 2024.1.4


I uploaded the hidden pages so I'm going to take a break for a while since the holiday season was so busy. I need a kotatsu now because mandarins are ready. 2024.1.3


My new yearly resolution is to finish the 20th anniversary video. I finished the most line drawings except the last sequence and coloring them now. Though I might have to redo the music by myself since it has copyright problem. 2024.1.2 Pic002


For those who are too lazy to read the archive: this is Mumblr where I mumble whatever I want. 2024.1.2


I heard the disaster news just after I wached Kouhaku and the happy new year's news from Japan. What a terrible new year's day... 2024.1.1


Happy New Year to the World! And my heartfelt sympathy to the disaster area 🙏 2024.1.1

あの沼は 嗚呼あの沼は 蓮の沼 ハイヤイヤーと歌が呼ぶ \セイッ/

The best music I learned this year is Big Foot by P-MODEL. Because of bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-foo. 2023.12.31


I don't watch Kouhaku show very much. Sadly most of the mainstream artist names and their music are not familiar to me. 2023.12.31


Eve of new year's eve. I'm practicing to draw dragon. 2023.12.30


So what do we call a vampire when one is full and can't drink anymore? 2023.12.28


I was thinking to draw something super sexy for the hidden page but I can't think of anything. Because hungry vampires are more sexy. 2023.12.27


I'll fold the posts from December next month so I can write whatever I want now. Although I'm a lady so I won't use bad words like 💩 2023.12.27


Picture posting test. I got some fabrics from a friend so I made these small stuffs as a gift for give back. I don't remember much about the movies though Harry Potter patterns. 2023.12.27 Pic001


I'm still busy but I read one of VHD novel to take a break. It's been a while since I read D's story though the nobles it was wonderful as always♡♡♡ 2023.12.26


A human become the victim when vampire sucks his or her blood in Kikuchi's literature, but biting causes it in my story. Don't let them bite all they want. 2023.12.26


I got a set of washi craft tapes as a gift! It's made of paper, how nice!! I got some strange unique pens and markers too so my next year's bullet journal will be more fun. 2023.12.24

  12/22(金) 曇り時々雨


◇ ◇ ◇

The contents aside, I liked the design which you are looking at. One pixel border on a dark background always looks nice. Each month had a different theme color, and there was an image of a window which the sky changes its look every a couple of hours. Everything's written in terrible html though...


I found my previous blog from old files but who wants to read their own words from the teenage era (ugh). I'll just record the date in 'Memory' section. 2023.12.22


I'm not a big fan of BL. But is that can be a reason for non-fujoshi fans to leave the fandom and social media? 2023.12.22


I drew socks for the winter greeting but I actually prefer gloves, just so you know. 2023.12.21


I kept the winter drawing simple this year because I'm busy. For some reason most Japanese able to celebrate Xmas, but not everyone does in the world. Since I learned that, I make a drawing to celebrate solstice for the end of year season not a specific event to be fair for more people. I join the parties and exchanges gifts in real life thought. 2023.12.21

お洒落なクラフトテープ欲しいけど日本でしか売ってない。海外でwashi tapeの名称で売られているテープは紙じゃなくてビニール製っぽい。貼ってからしばらく経つと縮んで剥がれてくる悲しい…。

Sorry that most washi tapes you can get in the US are not made of washi. And what we call washi tape in English is called craft tape in Japan, and they are made of real papers. Meh. 2023.12.20


The problem is that what people find sexy is different for everyone. But I'm sure lack of tolerance on the viewer is not a bad thing at all. Why should those who are not want them have to make efforts not to see them. 2023.12.19


I believe it's totally free to draw and share sexy drawings, but sharing it on the social media for any ages without restriction is not a good idea. 2023.12.19


False: Internet connects people all over the world. True: Internet connects people around the world who have access to the internet. 2023.12.19

自分がマイナーなジャンルへ突っ走っていくのは、絶対ハマると分かってるものには初めから近づかないようにしてるからかもしれない。環境によるところも大きいけど、ハマると色々とヤバい人らしいのはこれまでの人生で痛感してきたし、どんな沼にも底はないから…( ´ー`) 人

I try to stay away from things I know I'm definitely going to get into. Because when I'm hooked on something, I can't get out. 2023.12.18


I didn't read any western comics after I left the TF fandom. I want to draw comics again but I'm not sure I can still draw in that style. 2023.12.18


Especially if it is fan art, because those characters are just borrowed from other artists. We should treat them like guests with lots of respects. 2023.12.17


Fixing the doodle comics of Anime-chan for the hidden page. I think I wanted to practice rough-style drawing, but at the same time I hate to see lazy drawing. 2023.12.17


キンモー☆( *´∀`)σ

Don't worry, I'm an adult and officially allowed to use the word sexy and weird emojis 🍅 (vampire's peach) 2023.12.16


Vampire's gaze on the victim vs hunter's gaze on the victim. The latter is more sexy. 2023.12.16


Would you believe me if I told you I was once bitten and taken to the ER? Because the urgent care kicked me out. 2023.12.16


Vampires using human to feed themselves. Me using vampires to feed myself. A fair point. 202312.15


I prefer short stories to long novels. Probably it's the same reason why I like music videos with a story better than movies. 2023.12.15


Don't you think most vampire stories are about conflict between blood family or clans? I hate 'this story because of the protagonist was born that way' kind setting. This is one reason I like Darren Shan better than Harry Potter. Give characters a chance of story that is not dependent on one's birth. 2023.12.15


LK uses the the word 'nobles' to represent vampires but actually it was came from H. Kikuchi's VHD novels. Probably they use different words in the translations though they are exactly the same Japanese word which I liked and borrowed often for my writings. I'm still not comfortable to use the word 'vampire' directly. 2023.12.15


I've never been interested in isekai too. It reminds me a line from sci-fi novel something like "its destination could be in the sausage machine" ...was it Hinlein's? 2023.12.14


I feel bad I've never been interested in dragons, dynasties, swords, and magical stuff. 2023.12.14


I promised to draw zodiac animal for the new year's card for my grandparents without knowing it's dragon. Even though I'm super bad at drawing animals... 2023.12.14


I sometimes want to write cyberpunk or vaperwave poetry. I like W. Gibson's sci-fi, but not steampunk. 2023.12.13


This is not the first time I create my own website. I had a personal website with blog before dA but had nothing to show. 2023.12.12

吐きだめ=ひとりごと。Me, mumbling.