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[G1 Semi-OC] Smasher 洗脳兵スマッシャー

Info 2012.08.21

Robo-Smasher now got the robot mode with a fake Autobot badge! She is a semi-OC, which means a half-original character, because her machine mode appeared in the episode "The Secret of Omega Supreme" from G1 cartoon, and her robot mode is designed by me. It's interesting that her robot mode is the way she disguises.

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Back Story

I'm not sure people will believe this or not, but I'll share my true story. I didn't very interested to make my original characters for any TF series before. However, the day after 2011's AnimeExpo, when was the first time I wear my Megatron cosplay, G1 Megatron appeared in my dream and told this secret about Robo-Smasher.

I remember this very well because it was the July Fourth and I went to the theater that afternoon to watch the TF's third live-action movie. Unfortunately, I didn't have much art skill to draw any robot character at that time, but I kept practicing my drawing and finally she is here. I was just happy to see Megatron in my dream, and my drawing actually got better. How nice! 🥰

Character Sheet 1 Character Sheet 2
More Story?

Here's a bit complicated story. I also wrote a short story about Smasher. And around that time, I joined a dA group that makes their own TF fan-comics, and I was working on some of their collaboration works. It was good practice to help someone else's art project for learning purpose, but at the same time, I was losing chance to work on my own art stuff.

Soon I talked to one of the group leader about working on my own stuff, and shared my Smasher story. They were interested in it and were told me that they might be able to add this story into their storyline. So I wrote the script and drew the half of comic pages by myself. I shared those works with them, then I heard they found someone who can color them, but no further progress was made until today.

It's been almost ten years since I started work on my Smasher project. I learned how to write a comic script, made the design sheets for all the characters who would be there, and drew the comic pages which came up nicely. Sadly I never had chance to share them with others, since her story became a part of their project. However, now I left dA and the group, and finally I can share some of my unpublished works here.

Currently I do not draw any TF related arts and I have no plans to finish this Smasher comic story. The works I posted here are just partial, but I would be happy if you know what I made in the past but never able to share. Smasher was a gift from Megatron, and I could learn so many things with her! 😄💜

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