Halloween Ladies

[TFP+RB] Halloween Ladies

Info 2012.10.31

Miko: Hey Bulk!
BH: What?
Miko: You look like a kabocha pumpkin! *hug*

Dani: Then you are a regular pumpkin huh?
Blades: Ahhhh don't carve me pleeease!!

Best NOT Forgotten

[RB] Best NOT Forgotten

Info 2014.05.13

Heatwave "We need CODY...!"
I printed this image and gave to the voice actors at BotCon14. An unforgettable memory of mine 😄

Chasing Moon

[RB] Chase - Chasing Moon

Info 2015.04.12 🎁 Gift for FunkyK38@deviantArt.

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