Cosplay Photos @ Boktai 10th Anniversary

#A Boktai Cosplay Photo 2013
Date 2013.07.08

A cosplay photo shooting day to celebrate Boktai 10th anniversary. It was a great sunny weather and I found a perfect location. There were my new Otenko plusies and Elefan-ish coffin too! All photos are taken by Sirometa.


#B Boktai Cosplay Photo 2013

I made this Elefan-ish coffin for Anime Expo 2013, the event I attended a few days before this photo shooting day. Because I moved and no longer lived near LA, I only had one day to visit AX this year. I wanted to wear my Django outfit because of the 10th anniversary, but at the same time, I wanted to be Megatron to see my Transformers cosplay friends.

So what I did is made this coffin carrier to carry the robot costume with me, and changed my outfit that afternoon. AX were offering a service to keep baggage for free, so I didn't have to drag my coffin all the day. Unfortunately AX's cosplay rules were strict and I had to take off the chain from the coffin (I had another string tho) and hide the cerebration sign, but my plan was worked well and I had a great time that day.

I have not attended AX after this year due to some personal circumstances. My only regret was that I couldn't take picture of my cosplay because of tight schedule. That's why I held this photo session 📷




#C Boktai Cosplay Photo 2013
#D Boktai Cosplay Photo 2013
#E Boktai Cosplay Photo 2013

Because I made this coffin as a carrier with minimum materials, it is too small and fragile for me to get in and sleep. But here's the big secret of this coffin... it has wheels to drag around!


#F Boktai Cosplay Photo 2013
#G Boktai Cosplay Photo 2013

Evening hours.


#HBoktai Cosplay Photo 2013

Night hour shooting. How about Black Django?



I never had chance to wear Django outfit after this. I hope I can still fit in it do another cosplay photo shoot someday, with the manga Otenko plushie I made recently.


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