Title 💜 Girls' Night Out! 💜
Info 2023.06.21

A set of three drawings of the sisters (and bro) to celebrate the summer solstice. My notes are below.


Girls Night Out 1
Girls Night Out 2
Girls Night Out 3

Where did the girls go out for fun? Actually this is the last picture I drew in this set. I was looking for the reference image of cocktails, and I love how beautiful they are... and how bad I can't take alcohol 🍹



"Give me back my clothes!" Durathror is having fun with the white sister's outfit.

お泊り先でアイデンティティを奪われそうな白姉。一張羅かな。前髪アップでも可愛いかも。水着絵に再挑戦するもデザインを勉強していなかったのでこんな感じに。マントがあるということは黒兄が入ってる…のか? ちなみについったでは見られなかった青姉の下乳が観測できます(´ー`)

Sleep Time

I thought it's night but aren't they sleep in the day? That stuffed cat was handmade by another Dainn from the manga.


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